Video Of Solavakian Hikers Walking Across Clear, Frozen Lake Goes Viral (Video)


A recently uploaded video has taken the Internet by storm, featuring one hiker and his friend who walk across a cleanly frozen lake in the Slovakian Mountains.

Tomas Nunuk, 38, created the short video of himself and his friend walking across the crystal clear lake after hiking Slovakia’s High Tatras mountain range.

The exact location of the lake is unclear, though some believe it might be a lake called the Velke Hincovo Pleso. The lake is 176 feet at its deepest point, making it the biggest and deepest in Slovakia.

Some commenters have expressed their doubt of the frozen lake's existence, since it’s rare that ice freezes so clearly.

“I’ve never seen ice that clear in my life,” YouTube commenter Shawn G. wrote. “And I’m Canadian, so I’ve seen quite a bit of ice.”

Reddit user Narwhal Bacon noted that last time he walked on ice that clear it collapsed under his feet.

However, experienced tourist and Slovakian Igor Ludma argued in favor of the video’s authenticity. Ludma noted that when the temperature falls quickly from mild to cold without much snow, the ice tends to freeze without clouding over.

“And we have had those conditions lately, which would explain this very clear ice,” Ludma wrote. “It looks like it was about [one inch] thick and it is therefore able to carry a man.”

Ludma also noted that it’s possible to hear the ice cracking as the hikers walk across it.

The video has been viewed almost 2 million times.

Sources: The Huffington Post, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: NY Daily News


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