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Sleeping Security Guards Caught on Camera at JFK Airport (Video)

New York City's JFK Airport should be one of the most secure airports in the country after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

However, several of the security guards in the busy airport are actually sleeping on the job.

“It was a regular occurrence finding the guards sleeping,” said Stephen Jackson, a former manager for FJC Security, which provides about 300 security guards at the airport.

Jackson's claims were backed up by his photos and video of sleeping security guards published by the New York Post.

Jackson worked for FJC from August 2011 and until May 28, when he was fired. Jackson, a former marine, said he was fired because of his whistle-blowing and because he is Hispanic.

He recorded a 36-second cellphone video (below) in March, which shows a FJC security guard sleeping at the wheel of a vehicle.

Jackson said he reportedly told FJC management about the sleeping guard, but they kept him there until Jackson photographed him again.

After that nap, the guard was only suspended for a week.

“If you fire someone, you have to do paperwork, hire someone new and place others on overtime until you can find somebody else, so a lot of managers wouldn’t want that placed on their shoulders,” Jackson said. “I’d be told, ‘Jackson, why do you have to make more work for us by exposing these people for sleeping? You should just wake them up and give them warnings.’ ”

In response to the pictures and videos, Port Authority spokesperson Lisa MacSpadden said: “FJC guards should do their napping at home, not on the job. We consider past and current performance of our vendors in any future contract awards.”

The Port Authority has since banned three FJC employees caught sleeping on the job.

However, Mike McKeon, a FJC spokesperson, said Jackson’s claims about the sleeping security guards were simply “sour grapes. The first we heard about this was after he was disciplined."

“He said, ‘If you fire me, I’m going to take this to The Post,’" McKeon said. "I’ll give him this. At least he was a man of his word with regards to this. Had he done this while on the job, he would have been commended. But he didn’t do this."

However, Jackson claims he has e-mails and memos that prove McKeon's statements to be false.

Source: New York Post


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