Sleeping New York Yankees Fan Sues ESPN, MLB, Game Announcers (Video)


Andrew Rector reportedly fell asleep in the stands during a New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox baseball game on April 13 at Yankee Stadium.

His snoozing was broadcast by ESPN (video below), which he is now suing along with ESPN announcers John Kruk and Dan Shulman, and MLB Advanced Media for $10 million.

According to, Rector claims in his lawsuit that  ESPN "opened an unending verbal crusade against the napping plaintiff."

Rector's lawsuit also alleges that Shulman and Kruk called him "fatty," "unintelligent" and "stupid."

However, the ESPN video, originally posted online by, shows that Shulman and Kruk did not use any of that language during the broadcast.

The Smoking Gun notes that Shulman referred to Rector as “oblivious” to the game, while Kruk said the ballpark was “not the place you come to sleep.” The announcers also wondered if Rector had slept through an earlier home run and joked about his friend eating while he snoozed.

Rector's lawsuit also claims: ", juxtapositions of photos and text of two men kissing each other and caption 'sleeping Yankee's Fan cares not for your rivalry talk' falsely implied that plaintiff engaged in that type of conduct described or portrayed by the picture. In light of all the surrounding circumstances."

However, that was not on, but rather on, which is not affiliated with or ESPN.

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