18-Year-Old Girl's Death Sheds Light On Counterfeit Apple Charger Problem In China


An 18-year-old Chinese girl was killed in her sleep by her iPhone charger, the Daily Mail reports.

The girl's sister investigated the incident when she entered the house and smelled a strange burning smell. She followed the smell to her sister's room to find her sister unresponsive in her bed, her neck, hands and legs badly burnt. Her iPhone lay broken in her bed, still plugged in to its charger.

It remains unknown if this charger was a knock-off or an official Apple product, though China has had major problems with counterfeit Apple products being cheaply made and distributed within its borders in recent years.

The Chinese city of Kunming was home to 22 counterfeit Apple stores in 2011, all of which were shut down by the Chinese government after a blogger uncovered them. This type of incident was not isolated to Kunming, and has continued to be a problem since the government intervened there.

Counterfeit Apple chargers have been responsible for multiple deaths in China to date. Last year, a 23-year-old air stewardess was electrocuted to death when she answered a phone call while her iPhone was plugged into its (counterfeit) charger. Also in 2013, a man from Beijing was put into a coma by his counterfeit iPhone charger.

After these incidents occurred, Apple offered to replace counterfeit versions of their products with authentic products.

Source: Daily Mail


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