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SLC Cop Who Shot And Killed Dog Has Been Cleared (Video)

Back in June, Opposing Views told you about Sean Kendall, the Utah man whose dog was killed by a police officer. His confrontation with police following his dog’s death was filmed and quickly went viral when posted online, and now, reports say that the responsible officer has been cleared in the case.

Salt Lake City police were doing a neighborhood search of a missing boy when they went into Sean Kendall’s backyard, and it was there that Officer Brett Olsen shot and killed the dog. Kendall was at work when the incident happened, and when he got a call from animal control telling him that his dog had been killed, he rushed home to speak to the officers.

“About 15 minutes ago, I got a phone call from Utah Animal Control calling to tell me that an officer had shot and killed me dog,” says Kendall while driving as the video begins. “He was inside the backyard, in a fenced-off area. What was the cause for an officer to shoot and kill my dog?”

The officers told him that Olsen had left the scene once he shot the dog, and they couldn’t answer any of the heartbroken dog owner’s questions, other than that Olsen felt “threatened” by the dog.

Now, after a pair of investigations, Officer Olsen has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case.

“It was with great disappointment the Salt Lake City Police Department has chosen to toe the thin blue line instead of uphold their oath to the sovereign country and state they are employed by,” said Kendall in a press conference. Kendall had previously turned down $10,000 from the city for the incident in the hopes that they would instead change their policy and training protocol.

Police and investigators believe that Officer Olsen did what he had to do when he felt threatened, but Kendall doesn’t understand why they had to go into his backyard in the first place. It is not clear whether Kendall will take the city to court following the latest findings.

Sources: Fox 13 Now, The Salt Lake Tribune


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