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Skateboarding Chihuahua, Chiquita, Searches for New Home

An adorable Chihuahua was relinquished to Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control, along with her scooter made out of a skateboard. The little dog, named Chiquita, loves to ride! Director Marcia Mayeda said that Chiquita is a little shy around people but right at home on her scooter.

Chiquita is seven years old, according to the owner who turned her in because of financial problems, and the volunteers and staff at the shelter have fallen in love with her sweet, gentle personality.

It is pretty hard to lose your home as an adult dog, so Chiquita is being fostered to help her build confidence about being with new people. Director Mayeda said. "We're certain she will make the perfect pet for the right person or family."

Anyone interested in Chiquita should call 626-962-3577 or email Chiquita's impound number is 4616472.


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