Skateboarders Brutally Beat Grocery Store Owner (Video)


Four skateboarders reportedly attacked grocery store owner Zhen Dan Guo after he confronted them about stealing soda from his store, the Eastern Supermarket, last Friday.

According to CBS New York, surveillance video (below) shows the four skateboarders entering the New York City store and grabbing sodas from a cooler.

The young men allegedly left with the drinks, but were confronted outside by Guo, who demanded they pay, noted

That's when the young men allegedly brutally beat Guo with their skateboards.

Guo’s son, Linbin, showed pictures of his dad's injuries to CBS New York, but they were too graphic to be broadcast.

“The bone, it cracked in his nose,” said Linbin.

Guo will reportedly have four titanium plates inserted into his face during reconstructive surgery this Saturday.

Linbin fears his father may be blind in one eye and the skateboarders may return while he is minding his dad' s store.

“It really makes me nervous to be here,” said Linbin. “We’re open late, and I’m afraid more things are going to be happening.”

Sources: CBS New York and


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