Skateboarder Stops Hit-And-Run Driver

Matthew Marso, 30, allegedly hit a 13-year-old girl with his car in Kailua Village, Hawaii, and fled from the scene. However, he was caught by Joshua Lambus, who chased Marso down on his skateboard. Lambus detained him until police arrived.

“I just wanted him to stop almost killing people,” Lambus told West Hawaii Today. 

Lambus, a photographer, said Marso was driving badly before he hit the teen, who is reported doing well. Marso was allegedly “pinballing” all over the road, forcing pedestrians out of his way and nearly pinning people against the guardrail. 

“He hit the girl at that moment,” Lambus said. “People were onto her, so I didn’t worry about her. I rode my skateboard up to the car door, opened it, engaged the emergency brake and held him there. I yelled at him a little.”

Marso is being investigated for driving under the influence, second-degree negligent injury, third-degree promotion of a detrimental drug, damage to property, and driving without a license and proof of insurance. He hasn’t yet been charged with any crimes, and the investigation is ongoing. 

It’s unclear if anyone else was injured.

Sources: Inquisitr, West Hawaii Today / Image via Joshua Lambus


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