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Skateboarder Leland Goldberg Punched By Mother For Accidentally Hitting Her Son (VIDEO)

A California skateboarder learned what can happen when a mother sees her child get injured — a lesson he won’t soon forget. Professional skateboarder Leland Goldberg was shooting a segment for a mixtape video and he did not notice there was a child running loose. Goldberg accidentally hit the young boy and knocked him flat on his back. There is a video of what happens next.

“I’m sorry, man,” Goldberg said following the collision.

“Did you not see him?” asked a woman who saw the accident.

“I did not see him. I was looking down,” Goldberg responded.

Then the boy’s mother showed up, The Blaze reported.

“Did you run into my son?” she shouts. “On his birthday? You didn’t see him?”

She quickly punches him in the face. Golberg just takes the high road and walks away.

A viral video of the incident has attracted more than one million viewers.

A video of the incident is below:

Sources: The BlazeYouTube


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