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60 Dogs Killed In Massacre In Arkansas

An unknown person brought 60 dogs to a remote Arkansas forest and systematically killed them, shooting or poisoning most of the dogs.

“This is my first in 25 years of law enforcement I've never seen anything like this," Sheriff Joey Pruitt told KYTV. “Systematically just start shooting and just leaving them lying and not even making sure that they're dead. I just can't imagine somebody doing that.”

Shelter volunteers are frantically trying to rescue the few survivors.

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“I don't really have any words for what it makes me feel like. I've worked with dogs all my life and I love them a whole bunch and I just don't deal well with this, but I'm doing my best so I can save the ones I can,” John Magruder, shelter manager for the Searcy County Humane Society said.

A handful of dogs are currently receiving medical treatment, the shelter says. One had to be euthanized due to the extent of his injuries.

Daily Mail reports at least one dog -- a friendly brown dog who jumped into Magruder’s truck during the rescue after being offered a treat -- will be up for adoption soon.

“He said, 'I've had enough of this,''' Magruder said. "Who could hurt him? Why would you hurt him?”

The other dogs that survived are still on the loose, though to be too frightened to approach people after the experience.

Magruder goes back every day to the area to give them food and try to rescue them.

Law enforcement is actively investigating the incident and says whoever is responsible will be facing felony charges. They don’t believe the dogs were anybody’s pets.

Searchy County Humane Society is asking the public for donations through its website to help save the survivors. 

Sources: KYTV, Daily Mail, Searcy County Humane Society / Photo credit: KYTV

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