Sixth Grader Sues Bullies And Guidance Counselor After Her Nose Is Broken At School


Middle school is rough for most people, but Kendall Marshall, a 6th grader at Noe Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky, doesn’t feel safe in class after allegedly being verbally and physically assaulted by her classmates. 

“I'm just really scared every day, like am I going to get beat up again?” she told WHAS.

Kendall’s family is now filing charges against the guidance counselor and two students who allegedly wound up breaking her nose. “This was a brutal attack, assault in the hallway, her nose was fractured, deviated septum, fractured tooth, black eye, contusions, she spent several hours in the emergency room,” said Amy Marshall, Kendall’s mother.

The bullying allegedly started with a 6th grade boy who called Kendall names and tormented her over her physical appearance, but on Sept. 8 the bullying became physical, despite Kendall’s family reaching out to district and school officials.

The boy was suspended for six days, but then his 7th grade sister got involved. “She said, 'well I know it's not right for a boy to hit a girl but I'm not a boy and me and my family are not scared to kill,’” Kendall said.

For two months, Kendall ate lunch in the counselor’s office, but she was turned away this week. “They closed the door and shooed me away and said go,”  she said.

“This isn't something that you take lightly,” Amy said. “If this happened outside of school, that person would be in jail, you know, these kids need to answer and the teachers, the administrators need to stop being scared to punish these kids the way that they should be.”

The Marshall family is pushing for a retraining order against the two students they say are responsible and will be seeking restitution later. 

This isn’t the first time students have been sued for bullying. In June 2014, a fourth grader was sued for allegedly bullying another student at a school in the suburbs of Chicago, NBC Chicago reported.

Sources: WHAS, NBC Chicago Image via WHAS

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