Mother Of Shannan Gilbert Found Stabbed To Death


The mother of a New Jersey woman who was killed in 2010 was murdered by her schizophrenic younger daughter.

Mari Gilbert, 52, was found dead on July 23 in an upstate New York apartment belonging to her younger daughter, Sarra.

Jersey City resident, Shannan Gilbert, 24, who worked as a Craigslist escort, disappeared May 2010 and her body was found on Long Island, New York, in December 2011. The bodies of 10 other victims were found in the search for Shannan’s remains. The Gilbert family firmly believes Shannan was the victim of a serial killer.

Police have yet to identify any suspects in the 11 killings, reports

Now, Shannan's mother has met a violent end.

“She’s a real symbol of what’s right about motherhood. It’s the ultimate horror of your own child putting you to death,” an attorney for the Gilbert family, John Ray, told New York Daily News.

Ray said Sarra, 27, is “an extreme schizophrenic” who heard voices telling her to carry kill her mother.

 “She’s a very sick, sick woman,” Ray said. “There’s something wrong with her. She’s not all there.”

Sarra invited her mother to visit her apartment and then reportedly stabbed her with a knife, according to Ray. The daughter still had the murder weapon on hand when authorities arrived.

Sarra was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. She is currently being held without bail, according to New York Daily News.

Suffolk County police initially concluded that Shannan had died from drowning in the marsh her remains were discovered in and never officially linked Shannan Gilbert’s death to the Long Island serial killer believed to have killed the other 10 people. But Mari had maintained that her daughter’s death was due to foul play and requested that the FBI take over the local investigation.

The Gilbert family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Dr. Peter Hackett, the last person to see Shannan alive. Hackett is the Oak Beach neighbor of the client she visited the night of her death. The lawsuit contends Hackett failed to get help for the distressed woman when she banged on his door, begging him to call 911.

A motion to dismiss the lawsuit was filed July 19, just days before Mari died.

“She continued to pursue justice for her daughter until her death,” Ray said.

Earlier in the year, a pathologist hired by the Gilbert family said the findings of Shannan’s autopsy revealed that her death was “consistent with homicidal strangulation.”

Sources: New York Daily News, / Photo credit: Ellenville Police Department via

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