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Six-Year-Old Transgender Argentine Girl Legally Changes Gender Identity

An Argentine transgender girl who was born a boy has had her name officially changed on government identity documents.

Lulu, 6, is the first transgender child in Argentina to have her name officially changed under the country’s new Gender Identity Law, which was approved in May 2012. Lulu was given the name Manuel after she was born.

The GIL says that individuals are entitled to identify their genders. According to the law, individuals have the right “to the recognition of their gender identity.” Individuals are also entitled to “the free development of their person according to their gender identity” and “to be treated according to their gender identity and, particularly, to be identified in that way in the documents proving their identity in terms of the first name/s, image and sex recorded there.”

Lulu’s mother, Gabriela, wrote to the Buenos Aires governor Daniel Scioli, as well as Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner. Gabriela recognized that her daughter identified herself as a girl as soon as she started talking, The Advocate reported.

“By accepting that my son was not the son I gave birth to, but a girl, I accepted her identity and put myself at her side,” Gabriela said.

Lulu’s application was accepted and it is believed that this is the first time that a transgender child had been able to change their identity through an administrative process without resorting to the courts.

“The government of the province of Buenos Aires has decided to provide a solution to this particular case raised by the family,” said Alberto Perez, Scioli’s chief of staff.

Sources: The Advocate, The Telegraph


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