Six-Year-Old Stabbed In The Throat With A Pencil By Fellow Classmate


A six-year-old boy was stabbed in the throat with a pencil by a classmate at Crowell Elementary School on February 27.

Uncensored photos have been released of the boy’s injury by the Turlock City News.

His father, Ruben Aguilar, claims the school was notified that his son was being bullied in the weeks prior to the stabbing. School administrators did not respond to his complaints.

After the boy was stabbed, the school notified Aguilar and he had the boy’s grandfather pick him up from school. When he arrived, the boy had the pencil dangling from his neck, reports CBS Sacramento.

“When I went to pick him up he was sitting there with a pencil just dangling. I ask where the nurse was they said she was somewhere else at another emergency. I’d like to know what the emergency was? Then they asked me if I wanted to pull the pencil out all I asked (for was a) damn piece of tape and taped it to his chest. I feel they should have called an ambulance, he could have been bleeding internally,” the boy’s grandfather posted on Facebook via Ruben Aguilar’s page after the incident.

“They didn’t do what they were supposed to do to take care of him,” said Aguilar. “Regardless, it wasn’t as serious as it was, but it could have been life threatening, and it could have cost my son his life.”

Aguilar claims the school did not call an ambulance because other parents have complained in the past about the cost.

“There’s a paper that when you fill out to go to school, if there is an emergency, gives them permission to send them to the hospital. And I did sign that paper,” Aguilar said. “My son’s life means more to me than a couple hundred dollars of whatever I would end up paying.”

Crowell Principal Linda Alaniz has refused to comment on the incident.

The classmate who stabbed the boy in question is believed to have only received a lunchtime detention as punishment.

The boy is physically fine now, and has transferred to another school whose name remains undisclosed. The emotional scars surrounding the incident remain.

“My son is terrified of going to school. He wants a police officer with him because he is afraid that the boy is going to stab him again. He is six years old and he is afraid to go to school,” said Aguilar.

The boy’s parents say they are considering legal action against the school district.

Sources: Turlock City News, CBS Sacramento


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