'She Slipped Out Of My Grasp': 6-Year-Old Falls Out Of Canoe, Is Eaten Alive By Piranhas


A 6-year-old girl died while on vacation in Brazil after piranhas ate her when she fell out of her grandmother’s canoe.

The girl was spending time with her grandparents and some other children in Monte Alegre, Brazil when their canoe capsized 

“I tried to hold onto her, but with all the other children around she slipped out of my grasp,” the grandmother said. “I couldn't see and she fell into water. Her grandmother attempted to pull her out, but was unable to keep hold of her.her any more when we got to the bank.”

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The girl’s grandmother reportedly alerted locals, but by the time they were able to pull her body from the water all of the flesh on her legs had been devoured. The young girl’s body was sent to a nearby hospital and released to the family a short time later for burial.

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While police are investigating the incident, they believe it was simply a tragic accident and charges will most likely not be filed.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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