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Six-Year-Old Freezes to Death As Temperature Drops to 30 Degrees Below Zero

A six-year-old Minnesota girl was found dead on Thursday after she fell asleep outside in temperatures that dropped to 30 degrees below zero.

The unidentified girl was found on the steps of her apartment building’s front entrance at 6:23 a.m.

When her mother and neighbor found her, they immediately called 911.

Investigators arrived at the scene, and noting the girl’s exposure to the weather she was pronounced dead. While police do not believe foul play was involved, they are trying to connect a timeline from the time the child went missing to when she was discovered.

Temperatures in the area recently reached 27 below zero with wind chills dropping to minus-40 degrees.

Bemidji is just south of International Falls, the Canadian border known as the “icebox of the nation” because of its regularly freezing temperatures.

Sources: DailyMail, Investment Watch


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