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Six-Year-Old Boy in Malaysia Accused of Raping Five-Year-Old Cousin

A six-year-old boy has been accused of raping his five-year-old cousin while playing a game where he was the daddy and she was the mommy.

Reports claim that the children’s grandmother found the two kids playing the game naked together. The girl’s mother reported the incident to police the next day in order to get her daughter looked at, and when she was brought for a medical exam, doctors discovered that the five-year-old had been penetrated.

Doctors say that this case is extremely rare, as children that young usually don’t understand the act of sexual intercourse. Those involved in the case say that blame should not be put on the six-year-old boy, but should instead be put on his parents.

“It could be due to witnessing an adult performing an intimate act or watching pornographic videos,” said a urologist involved in the case. “Even if the child had an erection, it would have only lasted for a while and not to the extent of penetration.”

According to reports, the mother of the young girl will not pursue any action against the six-year-old boy.


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