Six-Year-Old Boy Found Locked Up And Abused With Cattle Prod By Parents

A couple in Oklahoma was taken into police custody after officers discovered their six-year-old son living in horrific conditions.

According to reports, authorities found the boy covered in bruises and burns and locked into a bedroom. In the room, the young boy was forced to sleep on an egg crate and wasn’t allowed to have any furniture. Police found him lying on the floor in the fetal position in what they are calling one of the worst cases of child abuse they’ve ever seen.

“There was a lot of talk at the Sheriff’s Office this morning,” said Officer Chris West. “On one hand it’s just a terrible, terrible thing to happen. You can’t imagine in your wildest dreams finding something like that. Especially if you’re a parent and have your own children.”

The couple reportedly fed the boy once a day and only went in the room to give him his meal or to shock him with a cattle prod.

“I wouldn’t even treat my animals that way,” said neighbor George Heupel.

The parents, 28-year-old Edward Everett and 32-year-old Krystal Everett, reportedly told deputies that they kept him locked away because they believed he was possessed by demons. The Everett parents said that their son had started hearing voices and was hurting himself.

“This is one of the worse [sic] cases of child abuse and neglect I've ever seen, and it will serve to reinforce my commitment to protecting the children of Canadian County,” said Sheriff Randall Edwards in a press release.

Edward and Kylie Everett are now facing child abuse and child neglect charges, and all of their four children have been placed in protective custody

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