Six Women Accuse Florida Man Of Unprotected Sex, Lying About HIV Status

He told them that he was “good” when it came to sexually-transmitted diseases, and that his crazy ex spread rumors about his HIV status, they said. Now, a total of six woman have accused a Florida man of not telling them that he was HIV-positive before having unprotected sex with them.

Ervans Saintclair, a former police officer for Greenacres, Florida, was arrested Monday, after the most recent three women came forward and accused him of lying about having HIV, the Daily Mail reports.

According to medical records, he had known that he was HIV-positive since 2007. Since then, he had unprotected sex with multiple women, including group sex on at least one occasion. He never disclosed his status to any of the women, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

In January 2014, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office originally investigated one woman’s claim that Saintclair, 38, had sex multiple times with her and never told her that he had HIV. She said that Saintclair finally admitted to testing positive for the disease to her. He claimed, however, that he only found out recently.

After this initial report, investigators tracked down two other women who told a similar story of having unprotected sex with him without knowing that he was HIV-positive. Palm Beach County police arrested Saintclair in January 2014, according to the Daily Mail.

He was released from jail on bail, and he is expected to go to trial for those three charges in November.

Shortly after his arrest, three more women came forward with similar allegations.

One of the women said that another victim contacted her to tell her about Saintclair being HIV-positive. When she confronted Saintclair about it, he allegedly laughed and said that his bitter ex was maliciously spreading rumors about him.

Another woman told deputies that she and Saintclair talked many times about sexually-transmitted diseases, and he allegedly assured her that he was “good."

The police department originally placed the officer on administrative leave after his first arrest but officially terminated him last summer.

Saintclair faces six counts of uninformed HIV infected sexual intercourse.

Sources: Daily Mail, Sun-Sentinel

Photo Credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office


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