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Six-Month-Old Bree Green Illegally Taken From Parents Over Medical Marijuana Use

In 2008, Michigan passed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA). The act, similar to those passed in many other states, gives residents the right to own and consume marijuana for medical purposes.

One Michigan man who consumes marijuana in accordance with the MMMA is Steven Green. Green suffers from multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, both of which are conditions that medical marijuana is often prescribed for.

But despite having a legal right to consume marijuana, Green’s child is being taken away from him by Michigan Child Protective Services. Representatives from the agency claim the presence of marijuana in the home makes it an unfit environment for raising a child.

“They were worried about the possibility of a break-in or armed robbery, that kind of thing,” said Maria Green, the wife of Steven Green and mother of the couple’s child, 6-month-old Bree Green.

The family is now fighting back against the state. A group of family, friends and attorneys protested the state’s decision outside of state welfare offices in Lansing, Mich., on Tuesday.

According to two attorneys involved in the case, the MMMA explicitly grants child custody protection to parents using medical marijuana.

“A parent can only be deprived of custody if there’s an unreasonable danger thatvs articulated and substantiated,” attorney Joshua Covert said. “This was not an unreasonable danger.”

“We’re not going to take it anymore,” said Detroit attorney Thomas Lavigne. “This is our red line. You take away our kids and we’ll revolt.”

The Greens will now take their case to court. They will appear in Ingham County on Oct. 7.

The organization Michigan Moms United has thrown their support behind the Greens as well. The group released a statement on the case yesterday in which they say Bree is not the first child to be illegally taken from medical marijuana parents.

“Last Friday an Ingham county judge removed 6 month-old Bree Green from her loving parents, despite their status as state-sanctioned medical marijuana patients and caregivers,” the statement said. “This is just one of many widespread incidents throughout Michigan involving CPS agencies that disregard the clearly written protections provided in the Act. Michigan Moms United calls on the State to immediately return this infant to her parents, and adhere to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.”

Sources: WILX, Fox Detroit


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