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Sisters Cause Thousands In Damage In IHOP Brawl (Video)

Two sisters have caused thousands of dollars in damage at an IHOP restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, after a fight broke out June 18 (video below).

A video that went viral on Facebook shows Janika Nellums, an IHOP employee, and her older sister, Sharika Strickland, throwing chairs at one another while shocked customers looked on, Daily Mail reports. Both sisters were arrested for assault and vandalism.

A young boy, who was believed to be one of the women's sons, was caught in the brawl but escaped without getting hurt.

"She's got a knife!" one woman can be heard yelling in the video. The incident reportedly started because of an argument that began the night before. Police said that the sisters had argued with the restaurant's management.

One of the women was reported to be carrying a baby in her arms during the fight. "I think that was really ridiculous," said IHOP customer Janet Smith. "Somebody was holding a baby and still trying to fight. It's ridiculous."

The baby was said to be crying throughout the brawl.

Customers were shocked at the violence, and called for it to end, according to WREG. "That could have gone any kind of way," said one customer. "That could have gotten uglier than it is."

The women's mother said that her daughters were simply defending themselves, and that they were the real victims. She said that Nellums had been bullied at work every day, and things came to a head on the night of the fight.

"You can try to avoid it or ignore 'em, but it's only going to go on for so long," she said about the bullying.

"They could have handled it better," said the women's mother. "I would never tell someone defending themselves is wrong."

Sources: Daily Mail, WREG, Akademi Portal/YouTube / Photo credit: Michael Ocampo/Flickr

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