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Sisters, Ages 7 And 9, Found Wandering The Streets While Their Mother Slept

Two sisters, ages 7 and 9, were found wandering the streets of Intercession City, Florida, trying to sell their toys. 

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the two girls missed their school bus and were knocking on doors trying to sell their toys out of a stroller. 

After an anonymous caller notified the sheriff’s office of their presence, the girls guided police officers back to their home a half mile away.

"We are out selling toys to help mommy stay in the house,” the sisters told deputies. When police arrived at the girls’ home, they found their mother, April Emery, asleep in bed.

Emery was nonchalant when confronted with her daughters’ actions. "Oh. Well they should know better; it's their job to wake me up in the morning to get ready for school,” she said.

The girls neglected to tell their mother that they missed the bus, but said “mommy’s roommate” had seen them in the street. Emery had no idea where her children were.

The girls were wearing clean clothes when the police found them, and their home had running water, electricity, food and some toys for the girls to play with.

Emery was charged with child neglect and booked into county jail.

The girls were released to their father. Emery's other child, who was fathered by someone else, was not mentioned in the arrest report.

Prior to this incident, the state Department of Children and Families had investigated allegations of poor child care at Emery’s home.

Source: Orlando Sentinel / Image via Orlando Sentinel


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