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Sisters Allegedly Killed Child For Taking Cupcake

Sisters Allegedly Killed Child For Taking Cupcake Promo Image

Two Georgia sisters are charged with murdering a 3-year-old boy after he took a cupcake from the kitchen.

LaShirley Morris and Glenndria Morris, 27 and 25 respectively, allegedly beat Kejuan "King" Mason to death with a baseball bat on Oct. 21, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Glenndria was the child's legal guardian. 

Glenndria reportedly spanked him while LaShirley beat the boy repeatedly in the head, stomach, legs, and arms, reports WGHP.

They initially claimed the child had choked on a cupcake, but that he was "fine breathing and talking later."  However, he was unresponsive when they checked on him after he fell asleep.

Yet an examination by the Fulton County Medical Examiner proved these were lies; the child, who had multiple bruises all over his body, died from blunt force trauma.

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"He choked on a cupcake?" said Geraldine Mason, the boy's mother, WAGA reports. "I knew right then it wasn't right, I had a feeling, a mother has that feeling that something was wrong."

The sisters now face multiple charges, including two counts of murder, one count of aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree, WGCL reports.

They're currently being held in the local county jail and could face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Kejuan was staying with Glenndria, his mother's friend, after his mother was arrested on a reckless conduct charge and no longer had a place to live.

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According to official documents, Mason would also allegedly leave her children home alone, had anger issues and abused the children.

Consequently, she lost custody of her children, and Glenndria was awarded guardianship over Kejuan.

The boy’s mother says she had warned authorities about Glenndria, yet they ignored her.

She even asked a judge to take her son away from Glenndria after noticing bruises and scratches, but her request was denied three days before the boy was killed.

"I told DFCS," said Geraldine. "I told the juvenile system, the court -- I told everybody. I said, 'I think y'all need to do something because someone's beating on my children.' They did not listen to me. Not one time. They did not listen to me."

Kejuan's family members say they are now determined to see that justice is done.

"I'm still grieving, I'm mad, I'm upset and I'm angry, but I have to have peace for my other grand-babies that need me," said Kejuan's grandmother, Xavier Upshaw.

"He was just a baby, he was so sweet and loving," she added. "We want justice, we're not going to go to sleep on this."

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