Sister Of Man Killed By Milwaukee Police Sparks Outrage


The sister of the man shot and killed by Milwaukee police has sparked outrage after chanting that protestors should 'burn down the suburbs.' 

The Blaze reports that Sherelle Smith was publicly mourning the loss of her brother, Sylville Smith, who police say was armed and on the run when a Milwaukee police officer fatally shot him. "I lost my brother. I can’t get him back. Never. Never. That’s pain. I can’t look him in the eye no more,” Sherelle said on Aug. 14.  

Kimberly Neal, Smith's other sister, joined in: “At the end of the day, acting out ain’t gonna solve it. Ain’t gonna solve nothing for Sylville. The city went crazy (Saturrday) night over Syville. We tired of it. We tired," Neal said, seemingly attempting to pacify the raucous mob. 

But Sherelle then called out: “You’re burning down s**t we need in our community. Take that s**t to the suburbs! Burn that s**t down!”

This last plea sparked outrage on Facebook with several users:

Unreal! Were you this angry when your brother was committing crimes against other people? Did you cry for his victims?

This is a felony called "Inciting to Riot," but like all Black Racist crime, this will not be investigated or prosecuted.

Sylville Smith was killed by a black police officer after fleeing when he was pulled over. The incident has sparked two consecutive nights of rioting in Milwaukee. 

Sources: The Blaze, The Blaze Facebook Page / Photo Credit: Fox 6

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