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Single Mom Returns Diamonds She Found Dumpster Diving

Brooke Stewart stumbled upon two diamonds in a business’ trash in Millcreek, Utah.

The diamonds were nearly one carat a piece, but Stewart decided to track down the owner instead of cashing them in herself.

Stewart, a single mother, told KUTV she likes dumpster diving, which she relies on to pay the bills. “It may sound weird, but I love trash," she said. “Mostly I look for recyclable metals like copper and stuff ... in the same (dumpster) I found a white gold and emerald ring one time.”

When she found the diamonds in two seperate envelopes, Stewart considered keeping them. “I really am broke, and I really would have enjoyed that much money,” she said, laughing. 

Stewart got in touch with Lynn Van Wagenen, an appraiser whose name was on the envelopes. He confirmed the diamonds were real and, upon checking his records, found the rightful owner.

“I just kept looking at her and thinking, ‘What kind of a person does this?’” he said. “She could have thrown away the appraisal, gone to a pawn shop and gotten anywhere from four- to eight-thousand dollars for these diamonds.”

The owner of the diamonds, who was not identified, met with Stewart on Feb. 6 to retrieve them. He suspects the diamonds were stolen from him seven years ago.

He thanked Stewart and gave her a cash reward.

 "I hope this brings me some Karma," Stewart said.

Source: KUTV / Image via PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay 


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