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Singer Gets Death Threats After Posting This Photo Online (Photo)

Famous country musician Luke Bryan reportedly received threats after pictures of him with a buck he killed on a hunting trip were posted online.

The Buck Commander page on Facebook first posted a photo of Luke Bryan standing with a dead buck after shooting it with an arrow and bagging it.

“Luke Bryan with his first whitetail of the year with his bow!!! Congrats on a stud IL buck!” the post reads.

After the Buck Commander page posted it, anti-hunting people started commenting and criticizing the star for what he did.

“The Deer should be standing over you, saying First One Of The Season,” wrote one user. “It’s Murder any way you look at it. He don’t look like he was starving to me. Actually looked very healthy, until you cut his life short. Shame on you for Gloating.”

Mad World News reports that some people even launched death threats at the singer, using the following comment as an example of one.

“One day we’ll get lucky and it wont be against the law to do this to people that do this to animals. I long to live in a world like that. Then what would you all say? Its inhumane? Go f**k yourselves.”

Was Luke Bryan wrong for what he did, and was the Buck Commander page wrong for posting the picture?

Sources: Mad World NewsBuck Commander


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