Singer Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault

Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning after allegedly getting into an argument with a man outside a hotel.

At around 4:30 a.m., Brown allegedly punched the man once in the face.

The unidentified victim told TMZ that he and a buddy were trying to take a picture with Brown.

That's when Brown reportedly punched the man in the face and broke his nose. The man went to the hospital and claims that he made need surgery.

Police and the victim told TMZ that Brown said, "I'm not into this gay s---, I'm into boxing."

However, sources close to Brown told TMZ that the man was trying to get on the singer's tour bus, and Brown tried to stop him.

Brown was charged with felony assault and will remain in jail until Monday.

Another man involved in the incident, Christopher Hollosy, was also charged with felony assault, reports Associated Press.

Hollosy is believed to be Brown's bodyguard.

The victim has hired a lawyer, which could mean a civil suit against Brown, who the victim says is "homophobic."

Brown is currently on probation for beating his on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna before the Grammy Awards in 2009. If convicted of this alleged assault, the singer could get four years in jail.

Brown is due back in court Nov. 20 in Los Angeles in regards to his probation.

Sources: TMZ and Associated Press


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