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Singapore Man Jian Yang Amasses 6,000 Barbie Dolls

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Singapore man Jian Yang began collecting Barbie dolls at age 13, and has grown his collection to a staggering 6,000 dolls over 20 years.

As Omicom Media Group director of strategy, Yang’s profession demands that he track consumer trends in toys, though his interest in dolls began as a boy when he saw them advertised on TV.

“[I] liked it and wasn’t allowed to have one,” Yang said, noting his ignorance as a child of social norms. “As I grew older, got my own allowance, that’s where I started getting the freedom to buy whatever I wanted.”

Yang recalled his first doll: the “Great Shape” model wearing turquoise Spandex and leg warmers.

Yang admitted that he is obsessed with collecting Barbie dolls, including some 3,000 other Bratz Girls and Monster High figurines.

During a recent trip to New York City, Yang came home with a suitcase filled with 65 new dolls.

The 33-year-old noted that many of his ex-girlfriends have viewed the dolls as competition, which Yang said is troubling.

They “get insecure about this kind of stuff,” Yang said.

In the past 20 years, Yang guessed that he spent about $392,000 on his collection, and doesn’t expect to curb his obsession any time soon.

Sources: MSN, The Washington Times


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