Sinead O’Connor Breaks Up With Husband Again, Blames Media

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Sinead O’Connor’s short marriage is over yet again.

She announced the end of her marriage on her website after a suicide attempt.

The singer split from hubby Barry Herridge two weeks after they married in Las Vegas in December, before getting back together days later.

But, they have gone their separate ways again and Sinead blames the Irish media for the demise of their marriage. We guess being completely psycho has nothing to do with it!

In a statement on her website, Sinead writes, “His association with me became something very bad for his life. And slowly since we were married I became very ill as result of what was done to my husband and i was unable to cope. And became depressed…

“The behavior of one particular paper resulted in very serious damage to my husband and myself personally and consequently made the marriage untenable so that it is now over and I hope the media will kindly leave the poor man alone to get on with his life. (sic)”

The 45-year-old singer hopes to get on with her life and is prepared to remain single.

She stated, “I will never again associate myself romantically with anyone as I could not bear to see these things done again to someone I love.

“I’m gonna be me. And if anyone doesn’t like that they can seek therapy. Because I am wonderful. Exactly as I am. As Bridget Jones would say. And I shall continue being me. If being me means certain Irish media will try to destroy my romantic life … So be it … I have ten fingers and a number of toys (not really the toys. But need them now so maybe u cud all post me some!) (sic)”


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