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Simone Biles' Response To Judges Goes Viral (Video)

Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles went viral on social media (video below) after telling the "Dancing With The Stars" judges: "Smiling doesn't win you gold medals."

The 20-year-old gymnast put up another impressive performance on the May 8 episode of "Dancing With The Stars." However, the judges felt Biles' routine was almost too perfect, the Daily Mail reported.

"Your skills are unquestionable -- you hit every line with precision and perfection," said judge Carrie Ann Inaba after Biles' first dance. "But once again I'm going to come back to performance and authenticity about who you are when you perform."

Julianne Hough called Biles' routine a "very pretty dance," but added: "I think that can be a little dangerous because there wasn't necessarily something that wowed me. It was just sort of safe."

Biles received similar criticism for her trio dance with partners Sasha Farber and Brittany Cherry. The team received all 9s for both performances, with Inaba asking Biles not to always "dance like a metronome, so on the beat."

"You hit everything with such a ruthless efficiency and because of that at times we lose artistry," added Bruno Tonioli.

When host Tom Bergeron asked Biles why she wasn't smiling over the comments from the judges, she responded: "Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals."

Naturally, social media users had a field day with Biles' response. They took to Twitter and commended the four-time Olympic gold medalist for standing up for herself.  

"And just like that, every girl in America will start telling men who say to smile 'smiling doesn't win you gold medals.' YAS, GIRL," commented one user. 

"'Smiling doesn't win you gold medals.' Oh Simone Biles you savage. #DWTS," wrote another.

"'Smiling doesn't win you Gold medals.' Simone Biles is as fed up with these judges as I am. #DWTS," wrote a third. 

Biles and Farber spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the episode.

"I feel like everyone has their own opinion, clearly, and I feel it's just how you take it," Biles said, adding that despite the critiques, she was trying hard to convey real emotions during her performances. "I feel like I am trying, I am being honest, but if they don't see that, I don't know what more I can do."

"I just know how hard this girl works," Farber added. "Each week she comes in and she delivers something different. There's a lot of expectation on her shoulders, and we're just gonna go back into the studio and keep digging."

"You don't know which wild card of sexy or of happy they want to bring, and you almost have to read their minds and find it," Biles explained.

"I had tears in my eyes," she recalled. "I almost ran to the bathroom at one point, but I pulled it together."

Biles has since retweeted a few comments of support. She also took to Twitter to wish her dance partner a happy birthday.

"Happy happy birthday to the best dance partner & overall person love yaaa," Biles wrote. "Can't wait to make more memories party hard."

Sources: Daily Mail, Entertainment Tonight, Simone Biles/Twitter / Photo credit: Agencia Brasil Fotografias/Flickr

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