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Simona Wilson Awarded $4 Million in Lawsuit After She Was Electrocuted By Shower

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A woman who was shocked by her shower by “stray electricity” won a $4 million judgement against a power company.

Simona Wilson said she was painfully shocked by her shower multiple times, sometimes having to go to the hospital, after she installed a new shower head in her home in Redondo Beach, Calif.

Wilson lived in the home with her three boys. She bought the house in 2007, but the home was originally built and owned by Southern California Edison, a power company.

She said Edison knew previous residents suffered the same problem as electricity shot through the home from overhead power lines and a large substation nearby.

On Monday a court ruled that the company was negligent and reckless in the case, awarding her $1.05 million in compensation for her medical issues and $3 million in punitive damages.

Edison said it worked with the woman and conducted tests at the home but found no problems.

“Edison still denies that there is anything dangerous in the area and denies that they did anything wrong,” a statement said.

The company built the house in 1960 for employees who worked at the nearby plant.

Once the woman was shocked by the shower, she hired a home inspector to test the house. The inspector found 26 points in the house that were electrified, including many of her appliances and plumbing fixtures.

The home inspector told her, “Get out now. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Your family should not be living here.”

Lawyers for Edison are considering appealing the case.



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