Silicon Valley Startups Use Spirituality To Boost Productivity


Companies in Silicon Valley are "hacking" spiritual practices such as fasting in order to boost employee productivity.

According to a recent article in Quartz, Valley companies such as Nootrobox have caught on to the trend of "biohacking," which seeks to manage the body so the brain can operate at its highest degree of clarity and focus.

Fasting is a practice found in just about all major religions and in many ways, it is a litmus test for those seeking to gain a greater form of enlightenment. Fasting diets have become more popular in recent years, but the practice remains one to be taken very seriously.  

When recruiting and trying to acquire talent, Silicon Valley companies often appeal to the human desire to be part of something greater than one's own self. This is the philosophy behind why Nootrobox practices fasting, according to Quartz. The founders explained that they are trying to reach the state of ketosis through fasting, in which energy is produced through ketones rather than glucose, or sugars. The side effects are increased energy and a loss of appetite.

Many companies in the Valley also offer classes in meditation and mindfulness, CBN News reports.  Dr. Kathleen Patterson, director of the Strategic Leadership Institute at Regent University, said that encouraging spiritual practices in the workplace makes sense from the perspective companies.  

According to Patterson, many organizations are realizing that their employees are actually looking for holistic development.

Sources: Quartz, CBN News / Photo credit: CBN News

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