'This Is Embarrassing': Men Wearing Turbans Harassed By Security At Football Game (Photos)


Several Sikh men were reportedly almost denied entry into a Denver Broncos football game in San Diego, California, because they were wearing turbans.

Verinder Malhi said he and his friends drove seven hours to San Diego to attend the game on Dec. 6 and were initially told by a security guard that they were not allowed in, 10 News reported.

“Three of my buddies, they had turbans on, and it was like, you guys got to take the turbans off,” Malhi told the news station.

Eventually the men were let inside, but Malhi said that an official told them to refrain from wearing turbans if they came to anymore games. 

“It’s bad, I mean, this is embarrassing for me, because we are Americans at the end of the day," Malhi said. "And we are not supposed to be afraid of fellow American."

Malhi also said that a fan at the game called police after allegedly spotting the group of friends wearing turbans and going through items in the trunk of their car.

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(Photos of Verinder Malhi and his friends wearing turbans at football game. Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail)

A bomb-sniffing dog was brought to the scene and the vehicle was searched. Malhi said they were only putting a bag in the car after they were told they weren’t allowed to bring it inside.

“Everybody kind of confusing us with the turbans, because what you see on TV is mostly the terrorists they wear turbans,” he said. “But our turbans is different, our faith is different our beliefs are different.”

Sources: 10 News, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail, Kristen Keogh (10 News)/Twitter

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