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Sikh Boy Captures Disturbing Racist Bullying From Peers On Camera (Video)

Shocking video of kids on a school bus bullying a Sikh boy and calling him a terrorist has been posted online and is quickly going viral.

The footage was captured by a young Sikh boy, and in the viral clip, students on the bus can be seen harassing the child. One girl in particular stands up, points at the young boy, and calls him a terrorist.

“Kids being racist to me and calling me an Afghan terrorist,” the boy allegedly wrote in the video when he first uploaded it to YouTube. “Please don’t act like this towards people like me. If you don’t know, I’m not Muslim I’m Sikh.”

The Inquisitr points out that the video was reposted on YouTube by another user, but the quote above comes from the original video’s description.

Despite the harassment and racist comments from his peers, the young boy says that he doesn’t care what the others think of him.

Sikhs have often been targets of racism by people who mistake them for Muslims, but in reality, the monotheistic religion isn’t even associated with Islam.

Take a look at the disturbing viral clip for yourself below.

Sources: The Inquisitr, Heavy


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