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Sign Outside House in Navy Town Says 'Welcome Home Cheater'

A sign likely welcoming home a person in the Navy was not as heartwarming as one would imagine, as it read "Welcome Home Cheater" in large letters.

There is not much known about the person who wrote the sign or who it was for, as the image was posted on Reddit by a man who lives in Bremerton, Wash. The user, farthoven, said he lives in a "navy town" where servicemen and women are currently in the process of returning home. 

"It's a navy town and two ships just came in recently. Whoops…Edit: TIL there are a sh*tload of people on Reddit who have been to Bremerton…Edit 2: Everyone assumes 'he' cheated. Maybe 'she' cheated?" the user said. 

The user said, "This was taken by a woman who showed it to a barista at a coffee place who sent it to me. I'm 3rd party here. Just the first lucky Redditor to come across it."

Many people filled the Reddit upload with funny comments about the image.

"In other news," one Redditor wrote, "Daniel B. Cheater returned home today from Afghanistan to a warm reception from friends and family."

In the thread, other cheating revenge tales were recalled, including an ex-girlfriend who spied on a Google Maps walk of shame and a viral breakup letter scavenger hunt. 

Sources: Inquisitr,Reddit


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