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Sign In Mall Bathroom Sparks Outrage Among Parents (Photo)

Sign In Mall Bathroom Sparks Outrage Among Parents (Photo) Promo Image

An Oklahoma outlet mall has inadvertently sparked a heated parenting debate online. 

The Oklahoma City Moms Blog posted on Facebook a photo of a sign found on a restroom wall in the mall. The sign read: “Please Boys over 6 years of age use the Men’s restroom Thank you.”

Parents are now debating at what age it's appropriate to let children use public restrooms on their own. Jo Ryan, a parenting expert with Babybliss, told the Daily Mail it’s a “tough question.”

“It depends on the child, really,” she said. “I think 6 is too young. I’m not sure if I’d want them to go in a public toilet on their own. Some boys want to do that at that age; you have to judge the child and whether it is a safe environment. Toilets are always an unknown.”

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Personally, Ryan wouldn’t let her children go to the restroom alone at that age. “I would want to take them with me,” she said. "It’s usually when they are a bit older - around 7 or 8 - that they want to go in alone."

Ryan also pointed out that the rules don’t make room for people with disabilities. 

Oklahoma City Moms Blog commented on the Facebook post: “This sign was not approved or enforced [by] the mall where [the photo] was taken. As soon as management was notified, the sign was removed. They are still trying to locate who actually put up the sign.”

Sources: Daily MailFacebook / Image via Facebook


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