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This Sign Is Going To Save A Lot Of Marriages (Photo)

There are a lot of men out there who are more concerned with the functionality of home improvement than the aesthetic appeal of the final product. And by a lot of men, I obviously mostly just mean myself.

When confronted with a project like repainting a room, the men in question sometimes fail to take note of specific directions regarding color schemes. I always thought this was just a problem I had, but then the internet changed my mind.

This week, a sign from this very savvy home improvement store went viral. Apparently they’ve come across a lot of people like me.

Check it out:

Image placeholder title

Brilliant. No more fighting about not picking up the correct shade of teal. No more lengthy explanations regarding what the heck teal is. No more headaches. No more drama.

If grocery stores adopt the same policy, especially when it comes to what percent milk we're supposed to buy, we may cut America’s divorce rate in half.

Source: Reddit


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