Sign Apologizes to Women For Whistling Construction Workers, But Adds "You Look Good!"

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Construction workers are famous [or infamous] for making catcalls to unsupsecting female passerbys who are attractive.

A new sign at the MarketFair Mall in New Jersey. apologizes for these men.

The E. Allen Reeves Construction Company has posted a sign that reads: “We apologize for the whistling construction workers, but man you look good! So will we soon, please pardon our dust, dirt, and assorted inconveniences.”

However, some see the 'apology' being as bad as wolf whistles.

A petition at to take down the sign says: "Construction companies should view sexual harassment as something to penalize their workers for doing, not as something to encourage their workers to do, especially at a mall where there are so many teenage girls who could be the target of the harassment."


Just over 24 hours ago I created this petition in response to a sign at the MarketFair Mall in New Jersey that promoted street harassment. I originally thought the E Allen Reeves Construction Company was responsible for the sign but, unfortunately, this was an error - I apologize for the mistake. However, when I called the mall to find out who was responsible for the sign, Robyn Marano, VP of Marketing at MarketFair Mall, informed me that this campaign brought the problematic nature of the sign to their attention and they will be removing it tonight. In other words, victory!

Thank you for speaking out against street harassment. Today we’ve proven that raising our voices together truly can make a difference. 

To learn about other ways you can take action stop street harassment or to share your street harassment story, visit


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