Armed Men Storm Ghent Apartment Building In Belgium, Get Arrested


A hostage situation ended with arrests in the Belgium city of Ghent after four armed men were seen entering an apartment building and allegedly holding one man against his will.

Police originally sealed off the area around the building fearing the worst: that the incident was somehow related to the siege in Sydney, in which a gunman took over a chocolate shop in a popular shopping district on Monday morning and is holding an unknown number of workers and customers hostage, reports Newsweek.

According to BBC, officials ultimately decided to storm the building and ordered the armed men to surrender. The men did so "without violence" and were led away.

This is the second siege in three months to take place in Ghent: one in October reportedly involved a man and an unpaid debt.

Sources: Newsweek, BBC/Photo Credit: Ed Webster/Flickr, ST Foreign Desk/Twitter


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