Sydney Siege: Mom Receives Chilling Text From Hostage Son


At least one armed person has taken a group of café-goers hostage in Sydney.

The siege initially began Monday 9:45 a.m. local time at Lindt Chocolat Café and has been ongoing since then. Officials have been in contact with a hostage-taker, but no information about his identity has yet been released.

Earlier today, five people were able to flee from the café while others were forced to remain inside.

A mother whose child is one of the hostages that was not able to escape spoke to The Daily Mail regarding the horrifying moment when she found out that her son was taken captive.

After hearing about what was happening at Lindt Café, the woman sent her son a text message inquiring about his wellbeing.

“I sent him a text message say, ‘What’s going on, are you OK?'”

His reply sent chills down her spine: “I’m OK mum, can’t talk.”

She has not heard anything from him since that message.

Another woman whose cousin is one of the people inside revealed a similar story.

“I was texting her as she was walking into the shop and she told me she was going into Lindt to get some hot chocolate,” she told The Daily Mail.

“She texted me an exclamation point at around 9:35am, and I knew there was something wrong.”

As of this moment, the motivation behind this hostage situation is not clear. Thus far, the only demands that have allegedly been made, as reported by Indian Express, are an ISIS flag and a meeting with the Prime Minister. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Indian Express / Daily Mail


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