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Orlando Gunman Donated Blood To Center Helping Victims

An Orlando blood donation center that is treating injured victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting says that Omar Mateen donated blood to them a month before the shooting.

A OneBlood donation center official confirmed that Omar Mateen donated blood in May, ABC News reported. The center has reportedly provided most of the supply used to help those who were wounded during the June 12 mass shooting.

"OneBlood has learned that Omar Mateen donated blood at a mobile blood drive in Ft. Pierce, Florida, on May 29," OneBlood vice president Susan Forbes told ABC News. "All facets of the donation were in our normal parameters for blood donation, including screening questions and post-donation blood testing. A staff member recognized Mateen's face from media photos and told their supervisor."

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The blood center did not disclose whether Omar Mateen’s blood was used to treat the victims of the shooting. Donated blood can be used for up to 42 days after the donation, according to the news station.

OneBlood also revealed that they lost a staff member during the shooting.

Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala, 33, was confirmed to be one of the 49 victims killed, the Orlando Sentinel reported. He was a lab supervisor and had been working in the center since 2011.

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"He was passionate about saving lives and took great pride in the lifesaving work he performed," the center said about Ayala-Ayala in a statement. "Rodolfo was often called upon to share his knowledge and best practices with many of the people in his department and was an intricate part of a team of people who work diligently to help save lives. He was a caring and friendly person and will be greatly missed by everyone who had the honor of knowing him."

Sources: ABC News, Orlando Sentinel / Photo credit: Rdelarosa0 via Pixabay

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