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Man Allegedly Steals From Woman After Car Crash (Photos)

Man Allegedly Steals From Woman After Car Crash (Photos) Promo Image

A woman was reportedly the target of a thief after she was in a serious car crash.

The woman's brother, Joshua Smith, said his sister, Kim, was involved in a car crash on Sept. 27, 2015, where her vehicle rolled over three times. A man took advantage of Kim's vulnerable state to steal from her, the brother said on Facebook.

According to Joshua, a man stopped to help Kim after the crash, and found her purse to bring over to her. Joshua said Kim was still dazed from the crash.

The brother said the man told Kim he was going to grab his phone to call 911. Joshua said Kim begged the man to stay with her, and he assured her that he wouldn't leave.

Then, the man drove off with her belongings, Joshua said.

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"He gets in his truck and takes off," he said in the post. "With her wallet. All her credit cards. Id's. Everything."

Joshua also criticized other drivers who passed the scene without stopping to help his sister in her time of need.

"And all this happened after she was trapped upside down and NOBODY stopped to help her," he wrote. "What the hell is wrong with this world!?"

He then called on anyone with information about the man, who was described as a tall, skinny black man in his 30s who drove a red pickup truck, to help find the alleged thief.

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"If anybody has a 'friend' that is bragging about robbing some girl after she flipped her car this morning, please be a real friend and let us know," said Joshua.

Kim went to the ER after the crash, Joshua said, adding that she "somehow managed to walk away from this."

"I hope this guy who stopped to 'help' and everyone that did not stop at all, is not a majority in our society today," wrote Joshua. "We are better people than that."

In a similar story in 2016, a Detroit woman said she was attacked by another woman after they were involved in a car crash, reports WDIV.

Theresa Long said she hit a car that was running a red light, and the front of her car was damaged. She says a woman then tried to pull her out of her car in the intersection, so Long drove into a parking lot to try to get away from her.

"I'm sitting in the car getting my ID, [and] this girl comes up running and just started attacking me while I was in my car," said Long. "I kicked her off of me and I ran to the gas station and told them to call 911."

Long said she plans to press charges against the driver over the attack, which left her with pain in her head as well as other parts of her body.

Police arrested the woman accused of attacking Long.

Sources: Joshua Smith/Facebook, WDIV / Featured Image: Jamie McCall/Flickr / Embedded Images: Joshua Smith/Facebook

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