Sick Photo Shows Infant Lying On ISIS Flag Next To Assault Rifle (Photos)

As the situation with the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIS, continues to get worse, more is being revealed as to just how cruel members of the terrorist group are. Indoctrination of children has been widely reported, but shocking pictures show that babies less than a year old are also being exposed to the terror and violence.

One of the disturbing pictures posted online by followers of the Islamic State shows a baby, who is clearly only months old, laying on a black ISIS flag next to a Kalashnikov rifle.

Another shocking image, which was reportedly taken earlier this year but just recently surfaced online, shows a baby who appears to be less than a year old holding an assault rifle on his lap. Similarly, a disturbing picture of a child holding a severed head was posted online last month, and this, along with the other pictures, is proof that the situation with ISIS has reached new levels.

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Since airstrikes against ISIS in northern Iraq began last month, officials have noted an increase in membership by people in Western countries, and just last week, Britain raised their terror level indicating that the threat of a terrorist attack was “highly likely.”

“The reason I started tweeting was to support the mujahedeen by activism,” tweeted a European teenager who openly supports the terrorist organization.

Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times, Mirror UK


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