Siblings Of Missing 1-Year-Old Taken Into Protective Custody

The siblings of missing child Leaona Wright, 1, have been placed into protective custody with the Department of Social Services (DSS).

One of Wright’s siblings, 3, who lived in the home where she went missing, was removed by officials, and they also took custody of her 6-year-old sibling who was living with her grandmother, reports WYFF.

The decision to place the children in protective custody was made by DSS and Anderson County, South Carolina, deputies on Thursday, according to Marilyn Matheus, a DSS spokesperson.

Wright disappeared from her home on June 6. When her mother arrived home at around 5:30 a.m., the child was nowhere to be found.

Lt. Sheila Cole said the inconsistency in stories given by Wright’s mother, Kiara Sullivan, and her boyfriend, Travis Jones, have led them to new revelations in the case.

Investigators were originally told the 3-year-old opened the apartment’s front door to allow Wright to leave. Deputies announced Friday that the child did not, in fact, open the door, reports Fox Carolina.

Matheus would not disclose why Wright’s siblings were taken into protective custody.

A vigil was held for the missing girl on Thursday evening at Wilson Calvary Baptist Church. Those in attendance sang hymns and prayed for her safe return.

"We need to come together as a community and not try to blame the mama so much," said attendee Patricia Johnson.  "I've been a young mother myself and it's hard." 

"You say you would do this and that in that type of situation, but you really don't know until it is you," said Candi Gleason.  "And you don't know what Kiara is going through.  She may not say the right things, but she is in shock and I truly believe that."

At this time, no leads on Wright’s whereabouts have been uncovered and no suspects have been named in the case.

Multiple searches have been performed in the surrounding area but have proven unsuccessful in providing tangible information.

Sources: WYFF, Fox Carolina

Photo Credit: Fox Carolina


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