Allegations: Ohio State Football Players Traded Memorabilia for Drugs

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College Sports Fans were shocked this weekend by the resignation of Ohio Buckeye’s beloved and winning football coach, Jim Tressel. He has been praised for his integrity during the 11 years he has spent as the head coach for the powerhouse college team.

He resigned over allegations of his players accepting gifts strictly forbidden with the ruling college sports committee, the NCAA, and then covering up the infractions and then lying to officials about the cover up.

In an in depth look into the allegations by Sports Illustrated, they say that the infractions can be traced back to at least 2002 when a local tattoo parlor began accepting players memorabilia, such as tournament rings, as payments for tattoos. That led to bigger items, such as impressive car deals for athletes and their families. Sports Illustrated is also alleging that some players traded memorabilia for marijuana.

In December, five Ohio State players including their star quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, were found to have received cash and discounted tattoos from the owner of a local Tattoo parlor. Some of the tattoo artists are now coming forward to discuss the memorabilia that players traded for tattoo work, from rings, jackets, signed footballs, and even a magazine signed by Coach Tressel himself.

According to the tattoo artists that worked at Dudly Z’s Tattoo parlour, the place became a well-known social hub for the athletes who hung out in the back room of the business, danced to music that was always provided by a DJ and drank alcohol and smoked marijuana that was provided by people at the shop.

Since Coach Tressel resigned, the Buckeyes will have be saving a ton of money, they will not be required to pay any buyout or severance to Tressel who made about 3.5 million a year.


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