Showroom Catches Fire After Salesman Allegedly Tries Jumping Car With Cell Phone Charger

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A Chinese car salesman allegedly set a car showroom on fire recently when he tried to jumpstart a car’s dead battery using a cell phone charger. MailOnline claims the charger caused the truck to catch fire. A spark from the fire reportedly caused another car to ignite when flames reached a leaky fuel line.

Photos were posted to MailOnline yesterday showing salesmen hosing out the flames with a fire extinguisher. The Hubei Fire department reportedly arrived soon after and finished putting out the fire.

Here, courtesy of Central European News, are a few photos of the ordeal:

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The validity of MailOnline’s story is definitely in question. Most cell phone chargers provide 1-2 amps of charging power at five volts. A car, on the other hand, runs on a 12-volt electrical system. The likelihood of A: connecting a phone charger to a battery in any functional way, and B: the weak charger causing the car to catch fire seems pretty slim. If anything, the higher voltage from the car’s system would flow back to the charger and fry it.

Sources: MailOnline, CEN


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