‘Should We Kill This Dog?’ Florida Animal Rescue Group’s In-Your-Face Campaign Asks


A billboard erected by an animal rescue group in Florida has drawn attention to their site called KillThisDog.com.

The campaign, launched by animal activist group Pets’ Broward, aims to spread the word about pet overpopulation in Broward County, Florida, Metro reports.

The website shows a picture of an adorable puppy and asks a serious question: “Should we kill this dog?”

According to New York Daily News, if you click “no,” the site redirects to information about Pets’ Broward’s mission. Hit “yes,” and the golden retriever puppy fades to black and white before informing viewers that Broward County shelters allegedly euthanize more than 20,000 cats and dogs each year.

The group has also placed a billboard on a highway that overlooks the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport asking drivers the same question.

Pets' Broward's founder, Meredith Bruder, has received some emails from people saying they are "offended" by the billboard, but most understand and support its message.

She said Pets’ Broward launched the in-your-face campaign after county commissioners abandoned the idea of conducting a public poll asking voters if they would support a tax hike to fund no-kill shelters in April 2012. The group estimates that it costs taxpayers $223 every time a shelter puts an animal to sleep.

"I'm a longtime animal lover," Bruder told the Sun Sentinel. "It's in my blood. And Broward wasn't doing anything proactive. Everything they do is reactive: we take in animals and we can't keep up, so we kill them.”

County Commissioner Martin Kiar tells the newspaper he supports putting the issue on the ballot, but doubts that it will happen.

Sources: MetroNew York Daily NewsSun Sentinel


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