Should Guns be Allowed in Lambeau Field?

Green Bay Packers fans are among the most passionate fans of any sports franchise. But would you want the football-crazed "cheesehead" sitting next to you at Lambeau Field to be carrying a gun?

Despite a new Wisconsin law, that's not something you'll have to worry about.

On November 1, Wisconsin's concealed carry law goes into effect that will allow people with permits to carry guns. Individual businesses will still be allowed to ban guns on their premises. One such location will be Lambeau Field.

“In maintaining our no weapons policy, the Packers will prohibit carrying firearms or other weapons inside Lambeau Field." Packers director of security/risk management Doug Collins said in a statement. "Additionally, fans will not be permitted to carry firearms or other weapons in the parking lot. People with proper permits can leave firearms locked in their vehicle. Weapons cannot be carried on a person.”

As Opposing Views reported last month, a similar thing happened in Ohio, which recently expanded where people could carry guns. Every sports stadium has continued to ban them.

"An open air arena is no place for a 9mm," argued Rep. Bill Patmon, who tried and failed to get an exemption in the law for stadiums and arenas.

Gun advocates have not gone on record specifically about guns in stadiums, but they have often said that carrying a gun virtually anywhere is protected by the constitution.

What do you think? Is it protected by the 2nd Amendment? And even if it is, would you want other fans at highly-charged sporting events to be packing heat?


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