Should Doing Porno Years ago Get Tera Myers Fired Today?


Should a teacher be fired for appearing in pornographic videos decades ago? Even if more than one? Well, no.

First of all, I do not believe pornography is some great evil. People, commonly men -- but a lot of women -- like watching other adults have sex. Is that immoral? No.

The sex act is not immoral nor is watching it immoral. But, for the sake of the argument, let's say it is something to be ashamed about. Well, shouldn't we, as a society, applaud a woman (or man) who got out of it and became a teacher?

After all, if someone quit a drug habit and became a teacher, wouldn't that be something to applaud?

Tera Myers lost her job at a Missouri high school after a student recognized her in a porn video she made in the 1990s. This is, of course, absurd on numerous levels.

She is penalized for a "mistake" she made years ago. She must wear a Scarlet A from now on?

How is this woman inhibited from teaching in the classroom, if anything she might help ensure increased male attendance at schools. Basically she was fired for violating the religious puritanism that still pervades much of our society.


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