Should dancing at the Jefferson Memorial be a crime?


If you dance at the Jefferson Memorial, should you be arrested? Should you be thrown into jail? Why am I even writing this because the obvious answer should be, nooooooo! In this video several people are dancing. Some, very, very badly and arguably that should be a crime in of itself. But, dancing shouldn't be a crime along as you don't monopolize the monument's space. You shouldn't be also blaring your music. But dancing (specifically in place) to music on your headphones shouldn't be a crime. Before this dancing protest, a court ruled legal the arrest of someone for dancing at the memorial. Well, since protests at national monuments require a protest permit (constitutionally questionable criteria by the way) these individuals were arrested for dancing.

But, dancing in the first place, of course, should have never have been declared illegal. Jefferson was along with James Madison and Thomas Paine one of the leading advocates of the concept of liberty. The government, which is indirectly us the American people by the way, should not take heavy handed actions when it comes to Americans celebrating their rights in small ways. Because, if we can't dance at the Jefferson Memorial, will we be banned reading softly a copy of the Declaration of Independence? Well, probably yes because I am sure it would be called a protest and grounds for arrest. We are losing our freedom in small and really, silly ways.


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